Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Tubeless Tyre Sealant

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The Caffelatex Tubeless Tyre Sealant from Effetto Mariposa is one of the best sealing options on the market. With foaming abilities activated by wheel movement, sealant fills the entire cavity of the tyre. This means it not only seals holes on the tread of the tyre but it is also able to reach holes in those vulnerable sidewalls.

Who's this item for: Any riders looking for a high performance tubeless sealant that seals holes quickly and protects the whole tyre.

Tyre compatibility: Is compatible with all Tubeless Ready tyres.

Lifespan: Caffelatex is very durable compared to other latex-like sealants. As with all sealants its lifespan is directly related to the conditions of the tyre.  Effetto Mariposa recommended checking Caffelatex every 2 months to make sure it is still liquid.

The expected lifespan in a Tubeless Ready tyre is 1-4 months, and in a Tube-type tyre is 1-3 months. 

Usable temperature range: Caffelatex is rated for use between -20 to 50°C and should be stored between -15 to 30°C.

Hole sealing size: It seals holes up to 5mm in off road tyres. 

Includes applicator lid/syringe: The 60ml pouch includes a calibrated hose to top up sealant though compatible valves. The 1L or 250ml do not include a hose. We recommend pouring these directly into the tyre and re-beading it or using them with a tyre sealant injector.

Sealing method: Uses a synthetic latex to seal holes back together.

Contains Ammonia: No! It does not contain ammonia or any aggressive chemicals and is non-toxic. Its even fine for people allergic to latex as it is a synthetic variant.  

Ease of cleaning scale (higher is better) 1-10: Unknown.

Pros: The sealant foams to fill the entire tyre cavity and seal holes even in the sidewall. Its non-toxic and has a large temperature range for use.

Cons: It doesn't have the longest life span once installed.
If you are after a tubeless tyre injector, click here.
If you want to increase the performance of your sealant check out the Caffelatex Tubeless Vitamina CL, here.
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