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E-Thirteen TRS Plus Cassette

9 Reviews
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E*thirteen TRS Plus - extending the range.

by -

I can not fault this cassette. A simple and cost effective range increase on the Sram XD driver. It has enabled me to drop two teeth on the chain ring and maintain the same top speed that I have had on other bikes with Shimano XT 11-46 cassette and in the same breath furthering my climbing ratio. Shifting up and down is almost as smooth as the big brand names in 11 speed. Fitment was minimal effort with great one page punctual instructions saving the need to turn to Youtube. Open the box and included with the cassette is the grease and special socket tool required.... however, you may need your biggest shifter if you havent a spanner to fit. The noise and feel when riding is comparable with any other large range Shimano and SRAM cassettes. Obviously with the 511% range it has widen the gap between selection which has given me no grief, although I am riding at the super amature level. The 300 plus kms I've put on the cassette has seen nothing more than the normal wear I would expect. Yes I was sceptical as I had seen many mixed reviews, but now I have it, the X01 cassette won't be going back on the bike. And for any of those who also require the 'has to look good' well the E*thirteen TRS Plus ticks that box with the stealth look and brand name print.

Pros and cons

by -

Easy installation. Great range. Nice shifting.

Bent the alloy part within a month, I think it bent my derailleur when it happened (huge chain slip) but I'm not entirely certain. Warranty replacement was real quick just sent in some photos and a video. Needs removing and degreasing or it creeks on my bike.

Watch out for frame clearance on the 9 tooth. It's real tight on my canyon Strive, it dose fit but some frames may not.

I feel as though it struggles a bit on the 9 tooth but not a major point. It's obviously reaching the limit of how small a sprocket can go.

It's not SRAM. I dispise the price gouging/ and Australia tax from SRAM, cassettes are marked up 100 dollars In comparison to other countries. They think we are idiots. They want to take advantage of global manufacturing, but when it comes to the global consumer market we get geo blocked.

I will be using this with my XT shifter and deraliur. Hope cranks and chainring happily with more range for half the price and with slightly more weight overall for half the price of equivalent SRAM.

Just hope the second doesn't bend.

Great Component for the price

by -

Having burned through a couple of GX cassettes I decided to step up to the e+Thirteen unit. The allure of only having to replace the bottom 2/3rd's of the cassette for a minimum fee was too good to resist, with a bonus 46T top cog to boot. It was straightforward to fit up, only slightly more difficult than a SRAM cassette due to the two part construction. Some minor B screw adjustment is also required with the larger cogs at the top.

Shifts were smooth and precise, on par with the SRAM cassettes I'd had previously. My only issue was shifting into that big top cog under any sort of load would cause the chain to slip and fall across the cassette. This happened on more than one occasion but I was able to ride around it after a few shift failures. The price you pay for that big gear I guess? No amount of tuning was able to get this to consistently shift cleanly under duress. Could have been attributed to the jockey wheels being quite worn, however there were no troubles with the 42T on the old SRAM cassette.

Fantastic warranty support

by -

When new, product preformed well however my cassette has been replaced twice due to free play in locking pins which seems to develop after approx 300kms. Bottom half of cassette begins to rattle badly as wear gets worse. MountainBikes Direct warranty support has been brilliant making sure my cassette was replaced days before an overseas race. Will definitely buy from Mountain Bikes Direct again, but not this product.

Who needs Eagle?

by -

Don't get sucked into dropping $2k to upgrade to eagle. The cool kids (smart money) are just adding an e13 TRS cassette. 9 to 46 cassette gives you 511% range, compared to Eagle's 500% (pfffff). The cassette is easy to fit, and comes with the tools and grease needed. The 2 piece design will save you $$$ when it's replace time, as you only buy the section that is worn (the lower piece from cranking hard)! So far the cassette feels great, and the drive that you get off the 9 tooth cog is awesome. Look out KOM's.

Terrific range, great Sram alternative

by -

Not too tricky to install- takes 2 steps rather than Sram's single screw on ; and a little fussy to take off. Range is terrific allowing for a 2 tooth smaller front ring but more top end Gaps are initially noticeable but you get used to it quickly. Shifts very well and is very durable

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