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E-Thirteen Plasma Tyre Sealant

7 Reviews
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Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

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Seals the tyre to rim...but so does a tube. Doesn’t seal even the smalles hole, plugs don’t help. At least you can patch a tube.



And I thought Stans was useless. Not sure how 150ml of this would not seal a literally pin prick sized hole in my brand new Assegai EXO+. Will be trying something else next time for sure. Useless

Tyre immodium

by -

Anyone had the squirts in Bali? (or after bad chicken) Well you'll know how good immodium works for stopping the squirts... It's about as good as E-Thirteen plasma tyre sealant for enduro tyres. Hands down the best I have used. Good consistency to pour in, covers well, doesn't smell like nail polished remover (ok use that for dress ups only..?) and best of all keeps pressure in big tyre casings. Very happy!


by -

Bought this stuff as the stuff I was using in my existing tubeless setup bleeds a lot through the sidewalls, so I thought it was time to redo it.
Added the E-Thirteen product and the tyre sealed first time, and I've found since then that the bleeding through the sidewall has (so far) completely stopped.
So no worries with this stuff.

Simply put it just does what it says on the bottle.

by -

This is one of the best sealants I've used.
Sealed new and used tyres on to carbon rims easily using Maxxis and E-13 tyres.
I can't comment on its ability to seal cuts and punctures as I have not had any whilst running this sealant, or it's so good I haven't noticed any.

Great portion size idea - easy to use

by -

Great this is non toxic and good packaging. Jury still out on how well it seals as I find all 4 tyres I have used this with are deflating more regularly when not in use in the shed moreso than other sealants. Have not had a puncture to test yet.

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