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Clif Bar Box 12 x 68g Bars

27 Reviews
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Ratings & Reviews

27 reviews

Lazy lunch


They taste good and keep you fueled. Worth grabbing a box to make sure you can always stash one for your ride

A massive improvement on Muesli

by -

A massive improvement on Muesli bars, Clif Bars refuel well. The nuts and protein leaves you feeling satisfied when you get tired of carb drinks and gels and have that irresistible hankering for solid food on long rides. They don't leave you feeling like you have a solid lump of indigestible (insert disparaging. noun of choice) in your stomach either. They dissolve well in the mouth when consumed alongside water

So your clif bars are

by -

So your clif bars are close to the best-before date...freeze them and get another six months plus :-) just grab one on the the way out the door and by the time you need a snack mid-ride hey presto the thing has thawed. I freeze the gels as well. 's'all good peeps.

Better than anything from the

by -

Better than anything from the supermarket. Very good value at Mountain Bikes Direct. Some immediate relief in glucose level and plenty of slower release sustenance. The flavour is nice. I wouldn't eat these if I wasn't working hard. They are pretty sweet and would make a slob of you in no time if you didn't work hard to pay back the energy.

I got the Chocolate Almond

by -

I got the Chocolate Almond Fudge version. They're quite palatable despite the fact they look for all money like emu poo. The chocolate flavour is more cocoa-like than chocolate so it reminds me of a chocolate paddle pop which may not be a good thing...

I now have every Cliff

by -

I now have every Cliff bar flavour except peanut Butter. They are all delicious, easy to chew and digest whilst gasping for air. Great for breaky snack when late for work. The best part is they are organic and healthy.

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