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Burgtec Titanium Offset Shock Hardware

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The Burgtec Titanium Offset Shock Hardware allows the head angle and BB height of your frame to be easily manipulated by simply shortening or lengthening the effective eye to eye of the shock. 

The exact amount of adjustment will vary depending on the suspension design of your bike and what size hardware it uses. Hardware using a 6mm bolt will allow for a greater offset than hardware using an 8mm bolt.

You can install offset hardware on one end of the shock for a mild (but noticeable) effect, or on both ends for a greater variation in the head angle and BB height.

Slackening the head angle will decrease the height of the bottom bracket while steepening the head angle will raise it.

Each kit is for one end of the shock only. If you want to install offset hardware on both ends of the shock you will need 2x kits.

Who is this for: Riders looking to make their bike more stable at high speeds, or more manoeuvrable at low speeds. If you have a bike with a head angle that is a either too steep, or too slack, then this is for you.

What's included: Machined Grade 5 titanium offset hardware, DU bushing, 2x O-rings. 

How much will it alter my bike's Geo? (approximate amounts only)

Single Offset Bushing

  • 6mm - 0.75° HA | -7.5mm BB Height
  • 8mm - 0.5° HA | -5mm BB Height

Two Offset Bushings

  • 6mm - 1.5° HA | -15mm BB Height
  • 8mm - 1.0° HA | -10mm BB Height

Pros: This will allow you to make a mild mannered bike a bit more capable and forgiving at speed and on steeper terrain.

Cons: Pay careful attention to your current BB height as you could clip your pedals or bash the frame excessively under compression if you drop it too low.

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