TRP was founded to build the best quality braking systems in the industry. The TRP brand stands for Tektro Racing Products and is the high-end division of Tektro. Together with athletes like Aaron Gwin, the brand designs and produces some of the lightest, most powerful brakes on the market. Today TRP has expanded further to offer a range of MTB drivetrains and other small parts.

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How to Silence Creaks and Squeaks on Your Mountain Bike

A long winter of wet conditions or a summer full of dusty shuttle days is almost guaranteed to make your bike develop some unwanted noises that never seem to magically fix themselves in-between rides,...

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Cleaning and Maintaining Your MTB In Dusty Conditions

Ahh summer, long days, sunny weather, and dust. So much dust! Maintaining your bike in dusty conditions requires a bit of a different approach to keep things running smoothly without making all the gr...

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Go Ride There! Victoria's High Country

2020 has been a bumpy ride for most people but communities in bushfire affected areas have done it especially tough with many still trying to pick up the pieces after a devastating bushfire season. Th...

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