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Squirt lube was launched in 2004 to offer their innovative and long-lasting, wax-based chain lubricant. The brand was started to design an automatic chain lubrication system for bicycles, however, they later scrapped the invention as the lubricant they formulated was so effective that the automatic system was made redundant! We carry a range of squirt lubricants and bike washes to keep your ride performing at it's best!

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Basic Bike Maintenance

The idea of working on your bike can be a little daunting for new riders but a bit of regular maintenance performed before each ride will make your bike time more enjoyable and keep your steed perform...

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New to Mountain Biking? Start Here

New to mountain biking? Welcome to the party! You'll be sure to encounter a tonne of unfamiliar terms and technical jargon as you get more into it so we've collected some of our most useful blog ar...

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How To Use RockShox Trailhead

RockShox Trailhead is an easy to use tool that will help you to select the correct parts for RockShox forks and some later model shocks. The app can assist with looking up service kits, manuals, air ...

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