Race Face

Race Face are a global component, apparel and accessories brand based out of Vancouver, B.C. This rider focussed brand tests all of its products with world-class riders, in some of the harshest north shore terrain on earth. We stock a range of Raceface MTB components, gear and protection for your next ride.

80 Products
Race Face Chester Composite Pedal
RRP: $105.00
Race Face Turbine R 35 Stem
RRP: $179.00
Race Face Cinch Direct Mount Narrow-Wide Chainring
RRP: $49.00 - $125.00
Race Face Grippler Lock On Grips
RRP: $49.00
Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad
RRP: $250.00 - $270.00
Race Face Charge Knee Guard
RRP: $75.00
Race Face 30mm Spindle Bottom Bracket
RRP: $85.00 - $109.00
Race Face Atlas 35 Alloy Bars
RRP: $139.00 - $149.00
Race Face Turbine R 1x Remote Lever
RRP: $120.00
Race Face X-Type 24mm Spindle Bottom Bracket
RRP: $63.00 - $86.00
Race Face Charge Elbow Guard
RRP: $50.00
Race Face Aeffect Alloy Pedal
RRP: $175.00
Race Face Next R 35 Carbon Bars
RRP: $239.00
Race Face Aeffect R 35 Stem
RRP: $99.00
Race Face Turbine R 35 Alloy Bars
RRP: $125.00
Race Face Chester 35 Alloy Bars
RRP: $75.00
Race Face Aeffect 35 Stem
RRP: $79.00
Race Face ARC 30 Offset Rim
RRP: $179.00
Race Face SixC 35 Carbon Bars
RRP: $239.00

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